This is a Life Assurance policy whereby the sum assured is paid at the end of a selected term (minimum ten years), or upon death of the life assured whichever comes first. The policy participates in the profits of the Corporation by bonus additions payable at the end of each year.

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Other optional Benefits

Accident Benefit – the life assured can choose at an additional cost, to include an accident benefit on the policy. This benefit pays the assured an agreed sum in case of an accident suffered.

Disability Benefit – the assured may at an additional premium choose to include a disability benefit on the policy. This benefit will pay an agreed sum in event the life assured becomes permanently disabled.

Funeral Cover Benefit of up to E10,000 may be included to the policy to cover the death of the life assured, spouse and dependants.

Why Choose Endowment with Profits

  • Tax free benefit on payout
  • Policy can be used as security (collateral) against a loan
  • Loan facility after 2 years of premium payment
  • The lump sum at the maturity date
  • Choose on how you spend the money

How to apply

  • Fill in the proposal form, obtainable at ESRIC or with an agent.
  • Attach certified copy of identity document.
  • Attach proof of residence, in the form of utility bill or sworn Affidavit

Endowment with Bonus Plus 5yearly Special Cash Benefits

This is similar to Endowment with profits. However, it is composed of a combination of the Endowment Assurance and special Five year cash back, which becomes payable in addition, on survival of every 5 years period during the payment of premiums, amounting 50% of the Total premiums paid during the 5 year-period.

What is the right age to take up Endowment with Five year Cash Back?

The Proposer/Applicant should be from age 18 years to 44 years.

What is the premium per month?

The minimum premium is E200.00 a month, with predetermined Cash Back benefit amount every after five years

Why should one take up Endowment Five year Cash Back

It assists one to invest a fixed amount on a guaranteed period of five years and at the same time enjoying the Assurance benefit.

What are the benefits of Endowment With Five year Cash Back

  • A maturity value at the maturity date
  • Choose on how you spend the money
  • Loan facility after 2 years of premium payment
  • Tax free benefit on payout
  • Five Years Cash Back every after 5 years

What are the payment options?

  • Cash Payment
  • Debit Order.
  • Commercial Stop Order
  • Government Stop Order (Civil Servants)
  • Post Office (anywhere in Eswatini)
  • Mobile Money

Loan Component:

The loan given is based on a 90% surrender value at an interest of 1% per month on the balance. Loan is payable over 12 months, 18 months, 24 months and 36 months depending on the amount of loan given.

What are the Loan Requirements?

  • Fill in loan application form – obtainable at ESRIC
  • Copy of Applicant’s I.D. Document
  • A copy of bank statement/ cancelled cheque
  • Applicant’s current pay slip
  • Policy document

Events on Which the Proceeds are Payable

  • At maturity
  • A Five year cash Back benefit or a proportion of payable in addition to the Maturity Value.
  • Upon death of the life assured

Lilunga Pension Provider

This is the personal plan for your retirement. The choice is yours to decide how much you need to live on when you retire at today’s costs.

You can even choose the age you want to retire at and your premium grow build up to give you the money you need for the annuity you want.

Click here to download the Retirement Annuity - siSwati brochure.

Click here to download the Retirement Annuity brochure.

Benefits available:

  • Tax relief on your contributions and capital amount
  • Flexible retirement dates
  • Inflation beating escalator
  • Cannot be attached or appropriated

Lilunga Pure Endowment

This is a pure investment policy offering a valuable savings for your money in a quick and safely savings plan.

The investment unit allocation starts with a larger portion of premium.

Click here to download the Lilunga Pure Endowment brochure.

Benefits available:

  • A meaningful growth
  • Tax free benefit on payout
  • Regular access to part encashment ( After 10 years)

Lilunga Single Investment Policy

This is a once off investment policy giving you the best possibly returns would expect on a secure, meaningful and risk free investment plan.

The policy guarantees a good investment on a maximum of ten year period. The minimum amount to be investment can be from as little as E1000.00.

Benefits available:

  • Tax free benefit on payout

Lilunga Endowment 5 Year Lien

The policy is suitable to a person who would want to invest and accumulate some life cover, without knowing his/her health status.

Benefits available:

  • A meaningful sum assured growth
  • Tax free benefits on payout
  • A life cover to protect your family
  • A regular access to part encashment (After 10 years)