Motor Vehicle

This class is divided into three levels, namely:

  • Third Party Insurance – this policy covers the insured against liability to another person only.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance – this policy covers loss or damage to the insured’ own vehicle as a result of fire, theft or attempted theft, in addition to protection provided by third party insurance.
  • Comprehensive Cover: Policy offers the widest form of own damage cover available.

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The ESRIC superior Comprehensive Motor Insurance relatively covers all types of losses or damages except for what is explicitly excluded. The key features include the following:

  • Total cover when travelling to the most of the SADC countries. These include Eswatini, South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
  • In-built third party liability up to the value of E2 million to cover the insured against liability claims. This could be liabilities for damaging third party property, injuries to third party and other patrimonial losses.
  • Earning annual claim-free group upon renewal (discount). This ranges from 0 to 9 and from 7 to 9; the discount percentage is in excess of 70%.
  • ESRIC offers optional medical expenses cover for a limit of E5000.00 per claim. This is meant to cover medical expenses incurred by the Insured consequent a motor vehicle accident inflicting injuries to the Insured persons.

To give our clients value for their money and to consolidate our position as the foremost provider of insurance services in Eswatini, we have enhanced our Private Motor Insurance Product Offering with extensions which effectively extend the scope of cover traditionally given on standard private motor insurance universally. These extensions have been added at no cost to the Insured and are fully explained below;

Free Towing Services

Following accidental damage rendering insured vehicle not drivable, the insured vehicle will be towed to safety and kept for free pending repairs. The persons travelling in the damaged vehicle will be driven to safety for free.

Free Windscreen Cover

This covers accidental damages to windscreen, rear window and side windows and the insured claims for replacement of damaged item without losing accumulated claim free bonuses.Insured contributes nominal amount against total cost of repairs/replacement.

Free Emergency Accommodation Cover

Following accidental damage rendering vehicle not drivable, theft or hijack of insured vehicle, insured is entitled for reimbursement up to a limit of E1, 000.00 for accommodation expenses in any one claim.

Free Emergency rental Cover

Following accidental damage rendering vehicle not drivable, theft or hijack of insured vehicle outside Eswatini, insured is entitled for reimbursement up to E1 500.00 for car rental expenses per incident.

Free Trauma Counselling Cover

The insured is covered for trauma counselling up to a limit of E2 500.00. This must be consequent a serious accident and must be conducted by a registered and practising psychologist.

Free Funeral Cover

Insured is covered for E5000 in respect of funeral expenses following death in or on the insured vehicle consequent a motor vehicle accident.


Our Car Hire Extension is divided into;

Standard Option

This will enable policy holders whose vehicles have been involved in accidents, stolen or written-off to hire vehicles for the duration of 21 days while processing the claim.

Enhanced Option

In addition to what is provided under our standard option we shall hire vehicles for our insured following these events;

  • For 5 days following mechanical or electrical failure of the vehicles
  • For 2days in the event the repairer is unable to finish routines services of the vehicles

The extensions come at a minimal cost as tabulated below;






Group L

Manual 1.3 Hatchback, Radio, CD

21 Days



Group B

Manual 1.4/1.6 Radio, CD, Aircon, Power Steering

21 Days



Group C

Automatic 1.6 Radio, CD, Aircon, Power Steering

21 Days



Charges for Customer’s Account

  • Fuel deposit E500.00 refundable if vehicle is returned with full tank
  • Delivery and collection charges E240.00 each way depending on the distance during office hours in radius of 25km.  This fee is double after hours.
  • Fine handling fee if applicable is E195.00 per fine
  • Claims handling fee if applicable E490.00 per claim
  • Excess of E3,500.00 in the event of accident or theft
  • Contract fee E40.00 per rental

Rates Include;

  • 200km per day airport surcharge if vehicle is collected from airport location
  • Tourism levy
  • One way drop-off charge
  • VAT

Discount Options.

Our private motor insurance has a number of discount options available allowing our valued clients to restructure the annual premium to affordable levels. These include the following;

  • No claim bonus earned yearly;
  • Tracker discount of 15% upon fitting a tracking and recovery device;
  • Mature driver discount of 25% upon reaching 55 years of age.
  • Restricted driving discount of 15% after three years of no claim driving allowing only a maximum of three persons to drive the vehicle.
  • Voluntary excess discount depending on the selected excess amount.

Required specific documents when taking up an insurance policy;

  • Copy of ID;
  • Copy of utility bills as proof of physical residence;
  • Where there is utility bill, copy of affidavit affirming place of residence
  • Copy of blue book;
  • Copy of invoice;
  • If fitted with tracking device, copy of tracker certificate;
  • Where vehicle is older than 10 years, a valuation certificate and certificate of road worthiness is required;

What is required when insuring import vehicles?

  • Copy of valuation certificate;
  • Copy of tracker certificate if vehicle will be driven outside of Eswatini;
  • Copy of blue book;
  • Copy of utility bill;
  • Copy of ID;
  • Where there is no utility bill, copy of affidavit affirming place of residence;