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Latest News - We are committed to the fight against Covid-19

3 June, 2020

These are trying times for everyone. The wild-fire like spread of the novel Coronavirus has necessitated changes to the way we interact with one another, and by extension with the way businesses take their services to their customers. ESRIC is not exception!

In response to these challenges, ESRIC participated in the fight against COVID19 with a number if interventions. The first of those was a E500, 000 donation to the Government of Eswatini, through the COVID19 Resource Mobilization Committee, to assist in the procurement of the necessary equipment and gear to fight the virus.

Secondly, ESRIC strongly advises clients to respect the order of the Government by staying at home. Should you require assistance with policies, clients are advised to access our services at home by contacting us via Phone call, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter

If you have to visit our offices, we have installed sanitizing facilities at all entry points in all branches to reduce the chances of spreading or contracting the virus. Further, it is a requirement that we check your temperature and you wear a mask before entry into our offices.

We also understand that the current situation adversely affects our customers’ ability to pay premiums. In response to that, we have availed a short term relief for clients who have been laid-off as a result of the ongoing lockdown. To access this, you will have to forward their request in writing and also provide a supporting letter from your employer.

ESRIC has also waived finance charges in debit orders until December 2020. This applies to non-life policies ordinarily paid on a monthly basis. With this, we hope to reduce your financial during this period. Furthermore, the option of paying premiums through monthly debit orders has been made available to commercial policies as well.


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