This year, Eswatini Royal Insurance Corporation celebrates 50 years of providing insurance services in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Such celebrations cannot be complete without the participation of our clients, who have made us the leading insurer in both life and non-life insurance.

From 9th October until 31st December 2023, we will be running a client competition that seeks to celebrate with those clients whose policy premiums are up to date and have ensured their KYC details have been updated. There are a lot of exciting prizes to win during this competition and we encourage all our clients to participate. The total value of prizes to be won is E200,000.00

Who qualifies to participate?

All ESRIC clients who have existing and up-to-date policies with the corporation. This also includes clients whose policies will commence during the campaign. These clients are known as ‘Golden Clients’.

How do I become a Golden Client?

  1. Be an ESRIC client with an existing and up-to-date policy.
  2. Should have updated your KYC details at the time of entering the competition.
  3. Should be able to follow all the rules of the competition.
  4. You should not be an ESRIC employee and their immediate family member.

How do I participate?

Send an SMS to 2600. The SMS should start with the keyword ‘Golden’ followed by your policy number, full Name, and ID number. SMS is free. The winners will be chosen from a randomized list of all qualifying clients and will be notified as soon as the draw has been completed.

What prizes do I stand to win?

  • Insured Samsung_ice_maker fridge.
  • • Insured Samsung 55-inch Smart OLED TV.
  • • School fees worth E7,000 for ten policy holders (Parents will submit deposit slips for one child and ESRIC will pay directly to the school.)
  • • Ten winners will walk away with E6,000 Pick n Pay shopping vouchers each.
  • • Ten winners will walk away with an Air fryer each.
*Each month will have a set of prizes to be won different from the other months and those who won in the previous month cannot win in the new month.

When does the competition start and end?

The competition begins on the 9th of October 2023 until the 31st of December 2023.

How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen from a randomized list of all qualifying clients and will be notified as soon as the draw has been completed. Pictures of the winners will be taken and published in print and social media.

What if I open a policy during the competition dates?

Policies opened during the competition dates will only qualify if at least one premium has been paid and the policy is not in arrears.

What happens if I win?

Once the draw has been conducted, winners will be called and notified and their names and pictures will be published in print and social media. The collection of prizes will be arranged after the draw has been conducted.

Do I pay anything to participate?

Participation in this competition is FREE. This also includes the SMS you send to participate.

Can I enter as many times as possible to increase my chances of winning?

You can enter as many times as the number of policies you have but you can only win once. Clients who have already won cannot participate or win again.

Terms & Condition

  1. Winners shall be chosen monthly from the end of October to December 2023.
  2. ESRIC may require the winners (at no fee) to be identified, photographed and the photograph(s) or related article published in printed media, or to appear on radio, television, or social media, when accepting their prizes and after receiving their prize.
  3. Should this become necessary, the winners may be required to sign a letter of consent and ESRIC shall have the right to use any photographs of any of the winners in perpetuity.
  4. Length of the insurance of the prizes- 1-year insurance.
  5. Prizes are not exchanged for cash.
  6. ESRIC Employees, brokers, agents, and their immediate families are not eligible to enter for the competition.