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Motor accident claim Process



    1. Inform the police within 24hours from the time of accident.
    2. Get a copy of the police report even if there is no significant damage to your car.
    3. If the report delays, continue to report the accident to ESRIC.

    1. The following documents will be required in order to process a motor vehicle claim
    2. Copy of Drivers license
    3. 1 quotation from ESRIC authorized repairers. (link to list of authorized garages)
    4. The Police report (even if the report delays, don’t delay to notify SIRIC)
    5. Details of the police station and police officer who attended the accident scene.
    6. A detailed list of all items stolen, lost or damaged due to accident
    7. Details of third party involved in the accident if applicable.

    1. Once all the documents stated above are available, you can fill a claim form.
    2. You download a copy or you can visit ESRIC offices in Manzini or Mbabane.
    3. Email the form to

    1. Ensure that you are aware of all the required excesses to be charged along your claim.
    2. Know the excess free claims and the ones that attract excess. This payment will most likely be required prior to the processing of your claim.
    3. The excess payment in respect of motor claims shall be made directly to ESRIC, either at the cashier’s office (cash or point of sale – card) or a transfer can be made into the company account.

In the event you are involved in an accident, dial the TOLL FREE line 2000 or (+268) 7604 5051, (+268)7608 6642, (+268) 2518 4819 immediately before your car is towed from the scene of accident no matter where you are. This line will assist you to get authorized towing services for your vehicle.

If for some reason you fail to use the authorized towing company, your insurance policy will not cover the towing costs incurred.

If you are injured and cannot make the call, make sure that you contact ESRIC immediately you are medically able to do so before at least before 14 days after the accident.

Report any other accident, theft or hijack within 24 hours. You can submit your claim through email on or come to ESRIC’s offices in Manzini or Mbabane.

If you will be using emergency accommodation and transport from scene of accident to safety and also to drive back home, please keep all receipts safe and ready to submit to ESRIC. This can be for a rental car and hotel or motel. The limit to this extension is E1500.00 for each.

If you suspect that you may be prosecuted or they may be legal actions or claims lodged against you, make sure you inform ESRIC immediately you learn of such. If any relevant information regarding your claim surfaces, even after you have submitted your claim documents.


ESRIC will not pay a claim when any of the following have occurred;

  1. The car was driven by an underage person,
  2. The car was driven by a driver without a license. Exception may be made with respect to licenses subject to renewals
  3. The car was driven with a known mechanical fault that was voluntarily not attended to within a reasonable time.
  4. The car was driven by insured under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
  5. The car was not legally road worthy in terms of the road safety standards of Eswatini.
  6. If the loss was a result of arson.
  7. Significant loss coursed by wear and tear of mechanical or electrical breakdowns.
  8. Damage to tyres cause by application of brakes or tyre puncture, cuts or burst
  9. If the loss was caused by deliberate negligence that led to the loss.
  10. IF the accident, loss or damage occurs whilst the car was used for business purposes whilst covered under personal or private use.
  11. The accident, loss or damage occurs outside the territorial limits allowed by the cover. E.g. outside SADC.
  12. Any other exclusions outlined on the policy document.

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